Women’s Health Center: Strengthen your Mood, Libido, Marriage Communication and Motherhood

The easy steps toward being a successful mom is realizing that you can have the life you want with vibrancy, reassurance, encouragement and confidence. Discover that you matter just as much as your husband and kids do. I am here to tell you how spectacular you are – in case you have forgotten.

  • Have you lost your identity being a mom or a wife?
  • Having food sensitivities that are interfering with your libido, weight loss, feeling your best, even feeling sexy?
  • Wish transitional women’s health issues such as pregnancy, post-partum, pre-menopause, menopause were easier to live with?
  • Not bouncing back as quickly after experiencing a big loss or life change?
  • Are you overwhelmed to the point of being numb?
  • Is your “normal” no longer acceptable?
  • Are you settling but don’t know how to implement new and improved options?
  • Have you been living someone else’s truth but not your own?
  • Not feeling connected to your partner or your partner wanting more from you?
  • Don’t know how to contain your negative emotions that are coming to the surface?

Now is the time to realize that your life is meant to shine, be full of joy and peace without the guilt or sabotage.

I have 3 amazing kids and been married for 22 years. The one thing I wish I would have learned early on in my married life as a mother is that there are 3 MAIN Areas that needed to always be nurtured. The areas that I now teach are mind set (confidence), creation and personal accountability. Without those three character and moral strengths, our lives will eventually manifest into loss of health, relationships and identity.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn these concepts early on. I was too busy trying to be the mom everyone else thought I should be and choosing to live other’s expectations. Not having the confidence, mind set and accountability I started to lose my health, my relationships and mind. Unfortunately, I had to experience what it is like to lose someone that wasn’t suppose to be lost and also having some serious health issues, such as uterine cancer. I not only lost several people I loved, I lost my uterus, hormones, libido, peace and confidence in my marriage, life and what I new as normal and comfortable. I did not have the tools at the time to manage these life stressers… that in a way I subconsciously caused.

Through all these ‘not so fun’ life experiences, I have been able to learn new and improved skills that will benefit you. I had no choice but to discover who I really am at the core or choose to give up and not learn the lessons. Those experiences were not something that happened to me but for FOR ME. I am here as your guide to help you remember your greatness. I went through those experiences feeling alone. You don’t have to be. And my hope is that you don’t have to lose things like I did in order to be truly found. Are you ready to start creating your ‘new normal’ and discover that you are stronger than you think and capable of living your truth and loving it?

Women who work with me:

  • Have increased confidence as they celebrate their natural gifts.
  • Recognize their unique life lessons that can lead them to greater peace and happiness.
  • Create healthier relationships with themselves and with others.
  • Discover more compassion and understanding for themselves and for what and who they lost.
  • Speak up for their truth.

Create a life you are meant to live and therefore, have the marriage,
health, confidence and peace you are intended to have. It all starts here and NOW.

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